Beauty and functionality

In the world of stone, this two features are closely related. Use of stone in interior design, give us unlimited possibilities and big challange for our imagination. Lot of patterns and colors with other features, allow us to use this material in many cases.

When You’ll realise your poroject, You’ll appreciate the unique features of stone, no matter what character of interior You want to create. You’ll stand out all important features of your interior space – The diversity of features and visual qualities will surprise You and Your guests.

Granmar is a supplier of best quality building stones. Our collection includes dozens of patterns of granite, marble, travetine and marable and quartz conglomerates.

Appropriate use of material is a guarantee of high functionality.We want, that our products be suit to the specific needs of their future users. The Choise is large. You will definetly find a stone, which one will satisfy your expectations. We will help You with choise of the best material for your preferences.